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Rewind to V-day

February 28, 2009

I had planned to post this before I left, but ran outta time….Gee, how did that happen????  But seeing as this is the first thing the grandkids asked for when I got home, it seems the thing to post.

How long has it been since you thought about, let alone had Eggs in the Hole….or whatever your family called them.


img_09061It was Valentines Day, so I used the heart cookie cutter.  Needless to say today it was the plane ole round ones.

And it was Valentines Day when we met in Anchorage, so thoughtful as always,  My Honey brought me a box of pretty little chocolates.  They came from Kuwait, but some didn’t handle the trip too well.  But, OMG, they sure are good .


Aren’t they cute???  Ghraoui Chocolatier…its just a sample.


Good Bye old Friend

February 27, 2009

Just heardof the passing of a very good High School friend.  The four of us were inseperable our senior (their junior) year.  We were all just starting to get back in touch.  So Jim Reed…if you are out there….give Shoy or me a jingle.

Oh, Jimmy, what was torturing your soul so badly that you needed to take your own life.  My sympathy to your remaining family.  After living through a suicide in my own family, I hope you understand that they will never understand.

Mom and Ed will be waiting for you in heaven, with arms out for a hug, but then they are gonna kick your ass, as I will when I get there.  Rest in peace my friend.  But why?????

Home again…Home again

February 26, 2009

Well,  I’m back and my Honey is on his way to Amsterdam.  It’s weird because he is usually back in country before I set foot back in the States.  We sure had a great time.  I’m sure hoping that we have ground work done for a move. 



Just before the turn to the Portage Glacier and Whittier is the Wildlife Sanctuary.  You drive through and see all the animals.  They are the animals that can’t be returned to the wild…you know the story.  img_1000

Musk ox and reindeer


And many many more.  Well, back to normal tomorrow….I hope.  If my don’t two partners in crime don’t get busy……………………

Back in Wasilla

February 23, 2009

We have had a wonderful time and have yet to find one plae that we couldn’t live…..that is, but Anchorage.  It’s just too big and not enough room, but a tolerable city….city being the key word.  I have absolutely loved the Kenai Penninsula.  From Homer to Hope…I could live anywhere.img_0967This is a look from our deck the first morning in Seward.  When we left the ice had retreated to the 5th slip.  Amazing what the wind can do.


The SeaLife Center is a must.  Its a cross between an aquarium and rescue center and a research center.  We bought a Puffin painting.  They dip the birds feet in water based paint and the walk around on the paper.  Suppose to be fun for the birds.  While in Seward we also ate at the Appolo Reaturant….Greek/Italian.  Not a plac that we normaly would have eaten, but an old man in the Walmart parking lot in Anchorage, after looking over our rental Suburan, suggested we try.  It was wonderful.  My Honey had grilled Halibut and I had Halibut stuffed with crab and such goodies wrapped in phillo dough.  We also had a wonderful chocolate dessert.   If you can afford it, ya gotta stop there.


More later.  Is this beautiful or what?????

Homer AK

February 18, 2009

Were only going to spend one night here, but loved it soooo much, spending another one.


This eagle joined us on our drive out to Lands End Resort on Homer Spit



This is the view from the deck off the back of our room.  Not bad huh???


They feed the eagles every morning


That tiny finger of land is the Homer Spit taken from up above Homer.

And…BTW…Wyonella….you never did pay off our gambling debt…..


Alaska Day 2

February 16, 2009

It is wonderful here.  We are lovin it so far.  Because its winter and yesterday was Sunday and today is a holiday, not much as far as museums and such are open here in Anchorage, but we are seeing and doing what we can.  Took the short drive to Wasilla and Palmer this afternoon.  What a beautiful drive.  We are headed to the Kenai Peninsula tomorrow for a couple of days and then coming back to the Mat-su Valley and do some serious fact finding-job seeking-house hunting.


We had pretty well talked ourselves out of relocating because of the economy, but after talking to some people, we are fired up again.  By the way,  how is that for a view on your daily commute???

By the way, Wyonella, I have been shopping for cookie cutters.  I got us each a set for the two below and each a set of Alaska Mushers Set which include dog, sled, small bear, moose head, leaning tree and map of the state.  Tried to get a pic, but flash shined off the package too bright.


The food had been great.  Yesterday we had clam chowder and a halibut sandwich at a great little deli in downtown Anchorage.  Then at a street vender today, we got a reindeer sausage.  YUMMMMMMMY.  More tomorrow I’m sure.

Attempt #2

February 13, 2009


Well, the icing colors are horrible, but I wasn’t mixing a bunch of new colors up so they could sit in the fridge for two weeks.  Kids still think it tastes great.

Don’t know how often or how foodie the posts are gonna be for the next couple of weeks…..but I will try.  We already agreed that if the “volcano blow”  before we get there, that I will stay in Seattle and he will get his ass there.  If it blows while we are there…..oh, well. 

We’re straving Grams

February 12, 2009

It ain’t pretty, but it was good and they were starvin.  Must admit…pretty good comfort food for a cold evening. 



As you can see, I don’t do pie crusts.  Bottom was a deep dish and top was regular.  No pre baking here.

Used leftover chicken from Wyonella’s suggestion and the broth and pan drippings too.

Simmered in chicken broth:

Diced potato

Diced carrot

Diced red onion

Diced celery

Frozen corn

Frozen peas

No….I didn’t throw them all in together.  You know the drill.  Cook the hardest thing first.  I did throw in a bay leaf and when stuff was almost done…al dente if it was pasta.  I thickened the broth with a little cornstarch.  Shred the chicken and put it in the bottom of the pie crusts.  Spoon veggies and broth over chicken.  Seal with other crust and throw in the oven at 350 till crust is brown and innards bubbly.

Luckily I had thrown the pies in the oven before I went to town to pick up the kids from daycare.  It was ready when we got home.  I also made one for MIL.  When I called her today to check in, she told me that they had leftovers and I didn’t have to cook today.  Can’t beat that.

Carrots, apples and strawberries

February 10, 2009

It was suppose to be the day that I started cleaning out the fridge…..but why??  Daughter number 2 and kids are going to be staying here while I’m gone. I started finishing things up, but then created more leftovers.  Oh well.


3 large carrots, shredded….watch your fingers, knuckles and nails

1 medium tart apple, choppd

1/3 cup raisins


    Whisk together in small bowl:

     1/2 cup mayonaisse

     2 tsp dijon mustard

      2 tsp lemon juice

      1 tsp lemon jest

     1/8 tsp ground black pepper

     1 tsp sugar

Combine carrots, apple and raisins in bowl then toss with dressing.  Add 1/3 cup grated cheddar cheese.  Refridgerate until serving.

That was a bit different than the carrot and raisin salad I had grown up on, but I liked it.  img_0895



Graham cracker crust…store bought or homemade


     1/3 cup butter, melted

     1/4 cup sugar

     1 1/4 cup graham crackers

Combine and press into 9 inch pie pan.  Bake at 375 for 4 to 5 minutes.  Cool


   Combine, mash together and set aside: 

     2 1/2 cups strawberries

     1/4 cup sugar

     1 tblsp lemon juice

Combine in small sauce pan and cook over low heat until disolved:

     1/4 cup sugar

     1 envelope unflavored gelatin

     2/3 cup water

Cool.  When gelatin mixture is cool combine with strawberries and chill until mixture is the consistency of egg whites or about an hour. 


     2 egg whites until soft peaks form

     1/4 cup sugar

Fold into strawberry mixture.  Beat 1/2 cup whipping cream until forms soft peaks and fold into mixture.  Pile into cooled crust and chill for 8 hours.

Well, I followed the directions till the bitter end.  Chill for 8 hours…HA!   Truth be known……I didn’t read all the way to the end of the recipe, but not sure I would wait that long anyway.  And in the end… is sooooo yummy.




French Dip and Widgets

February 9, 2009




4-5 lbs beef roast  (I used top round, marked down bin)

1 can Campbells double strength beef broth

1 can water

1 tbsp Penseys beef soup base

1 pckg onion soup mix

1 can Guinness beer

1 tbsp of chopped garlic

Throw it all in the slowcooker (better known as the crockpot) and cook until meat is fall apart done.  I have started with a thawed and a frozen roast and found no difference.  I did try Coor Light beer, but the Guinness is much better.  Take roast out of pot and shred then return to pot and add a box of beef broth.  Cook for another hour or so. 


 Now this was a hit with from MIL to grandkids.  Definately a keeper.  Thanks, Shoy for the heads up on the recipe and a starting spot. 

When I bought the Guinness for the recipe,  it made me think of a story my Honey told me.  On his last contract in Iraq, he work with some Brits.  One night they took him to the mess and they can have beer there.  He had a couple and told me that Guinness Draught had a little ball in it that was called a widget and it sure made a good looking head on the beer when your poured it.  I thought…yeah right…just how many of those did you have?   I bought a four pack and when I put them in the cart at the grocery store, they did rattle.   The next day while we were IMing,  I told hm about them.  The side of the can even says….”Hear Something?-That’s the Guinness Floating Widget Deliverying You the Great Taste of Guiness Draught.”  He said pour one and see how pretty it looks.  Me…pour a beer…oh twist my arm.img_08801










Looks wonderful, huh??  Tasted that way too.  Oh me of little faith. img_0882