Alaska Day 2

It is wonderful here.  We are lovin it so far.  Because its winter and yesterday was Sunday and today is a holiday, not much as far as museums and such are open here in Anchorage, but we are seeing and doing what we can.  Took the short drive to Wasilla and Palmer this afternoon.  What a beautiful drive.  We are headed to the Kenai Peninsula tomorrow for a couple of days and then coming back to the Mat-su Valley and do some serious fact finding-job seeking-house hunting.


We had pretty well talked ourselves out of relocating because of the economy, but after talking to some people, we are fired up again.  By the way,  how is that for a view on your daily commute???

By the way, Wyonella, I have been shopping for cookie cutters.  I got us each a set for the two below and each a set of Alaska Mushers Set which include dog, sled, small bear, moose head, leaning tree and map of the state.  Tried to get a pic, but flash shined off the package too bright.


The food had been great.  Yesterday we had clam chowder and a halibut sandwich at a great little deli in downtown Anchorage.  Then at a street vender today, we got a reindeer sausage.  YUMMMMMMMY.  More tomorrow I’m sure.



One Response to “Alaska Day 2”

  1. Shoy Says:

    More Pictures!! Looks great and I’m glad the two of you are “fired up”.
    I’ve heard the shrimp get huge up there…
    keep posting so I can keep track of your adventures.
    love ya

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