Back in Wasilla

We have had a wonderful time and have yet to find one plae that we couldn’t live…..that is, but Anchorage.  It’s just too big and not enough room, but a tolerable city….city being the key word.  I have absolutely loved the Kenai Penninsula.  From Homer to Hope…I could live anywhere.img_0967This is a look from our deck the first morning in Seward.  When we left the ice had retreated to the 5th slip.  Amazing what the wind can do.


The SeaLife Center is a must.  Its a cross between an aquarium and rescue center and a research center.  We bought a Puffin painting.  They dip the birds feet in water based paint and the walk around on the paper.  Suppose to be fun for the birds.  While in Seward we also ate at the Appolo Reaturant….Greek/Italian.  Not a plac that we normaly would have eaten, but an old man in the Walmart parking lot in Anchorage, after looking over our rental Suburan, suggested we try.  It was wonderful.  My Honey had grilled Halibut and I had Halibut stuffed with crab and such goodies wrapped in phillo dough.  We also had a wonderful chocolate dessert.   If you can afford it, ya gotta stop there.


More later.  Is this beautiful or what?????


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