Rewind to V-day

I had planned to post this before I left, but ran outta time….Gee, how did that happen????  But seeing as this is the first thing the grandkids asked for when I got home, it seems the thing to post.

How long has it been since you thought about, let alone had Eggs in the Hole….or whatever your family called them.


img_09061It was Valentines Day, so I used the heart cookie cutter.  Needless to say today it was the plane ole round ones.

And it was Valentines Day when we met in Anchorage, so thoughtful as always,  My Honey brought me a box of pretty little chocolates.  They came from Kuwait, but some didn’t handle the trip too well.  But, OMG, they sure are good .


Aren’t they cute???  Ghraoui Chocolatier…its just a sample.


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One Response to “Rewind to V-day”

  1. Shoy Nelson Says:

    Actually, my mom called them P-pies…pea-pies…pee-pies–I don’t know I never saw it written out to know the spelling. I have no idea where the name came from. We love em, what ever they’re called. And the chocolates look yummy too. Shoy

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