Remanents of a Chocolate Cake

It’s Monday.

After seeing numerous postings of Devils Food White Out Cake in various blogs, I decided I had to make one.   So last night after a bowl of crab pasta..more on that later…I decided to tackle the cake part and leave it to cool overnight.

So seeing it is a layer cake…which I never have had good luck with….I followed the recipe to the letter.  So after greasing and flouring, measuring and sifting, melting and boiling, mixing with the stand mixer….lovingly called Layla…and finally finishing with a spatula, I had two 8 inch wonderfully chocolatey cakes in the oven.  After baking until the knife inserted into middle of cake came out clean, I had two cakes cooling on the racks.  After cooling in the pans, out they came….no sticking.  So there they were, setting on the racks on the counter awaiting attention in the morning.  Off to bed I go.

Alarm goes off and out I stumble to the kitchen, looking for the first cup of coffee.  I stepped on something very foreign, so flipped the light over the stove on….overhead light is just way too bright for mornings…and there on the floor lay an over turned cake rack.  My eyes move to the counter……


Not even enough left for a taste.  Now I’m not sure if it was the cat…Sugar has been know to be on the counter, but I never catch him until the big thump when he lands on the floor….Coors, I never have seen on the counter, but cats being cats…or the dog…all of the immediate family will remember a little incident with turkey and Molly an hour before the in-laws 50th anniversary party…or all three of them working together.

However, I have eggs, butter and buttermilk coming up to room temperature on the counter.  Wish me luck.


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One Response to “Remanents of a Chocolate Cake”

  1. Donnella Says:

    OMG!!!!! Which one of the hooligans has a tummy ache today? Apparently they are not over being mad at you for leaving them again huh? LOL….at least you know Kylie didn’t do it, ’cause i would not have put it past her either…good thing you lock her up at night. At least they ate it and didn’t just drag the whole thing around and leave them for you to entirely step in…..LMAO…..WELCOME TO MONDAY

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