Just back from Humboldt County

Had a wonderful time and went shopping lots.  Will be back on track in a few days.  Here’s a few goodies.


Got alot of local foods.  They have a wonderful restaurant supply/bulk foods store…..Cash and Carry in Bayshore.  Too many choices there.  I could have got into big trouble.img_1113

BrazenBites brought goodies from Portland.  Wonderful coffee and ginger Vodka…locally made.  Isn’t the bottle outstanding?????  Ginger cake and glaze ready to go.


And of course no trip would be complete with out…….


And of course we had our disasters too.  This was a lemon cake made in too much of a hurry.  Inspite of the horrible look,  it was enjoyed by one and all.


 Went and looked at a little bistro for sale that I fell in love with.  Guess I need the book….Running a Resturant for Dummies.  My dream.


 And of course many thanks to Randy and Beth for opening their home for us and spoiling us rotten while we where there.


2 Responses to “Just back from Humboldt County”

  1. brazenbites Says:

    You made me laugh. It was a good trip, tho. Too short, but good. I’m glad I made you take a picture of the cake-what a hoot. There’s a whole website devoted to cake disasters, I’ll try and find it again and send the link. It was a damn good cake-taste-wise. We are huge lemon fans up here and they are all begging for it. Top photo- whats the big salsa looking red bottle of? Don’t recognize it. And thats a gallon of white chocolate what? syrup? and a sugar-free? The bistro is still a dream. There’s a diabetic bakery up here that is doing well- I think that would be a good addition to a bakery’s offerings…( a sugar-free section)there are so many of us out there with a sweet tooth that needs feeding. That cookbook you got Randy will help find some good recipes..people are willing to pay extra for such things as quality sugar substitutes are not as cheap as sugar.
    love ya
    ps-chill the lemon curd before using. it thickens up alot and won’t go all molten on ya.

  2. Justgrams Says:

    The red/orange sauce is lemon mandarin sauce and it looked interesting. The white chocolate sauce just intrested me. I have no idea what I am going to do with it, but I love white choclate. I refridgerated the lemon curd at home and should have there. Oh, well…too much of a hurry. And who knows…the dream may just come true. Love ya

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