Bits and Pieces

Well, so far the big virus or worm or whatever it is, hasn’t hit my computer.  Hope you all have been that lucky too….if there is even such a thing.  I am going to take today and post a few odds and ends.  First, we had Biscuits and Gravy for dinner.  A special request from Granddaughter #2.  Not bad…been awhile since we had that.

And I wanted to share this with you.  My Honey took the picture  in Alaska and he found the saying somewhere.  Kinda his take on life…I believe.


Hard to read…but try.  And speaking of my Honey…he works on these


And I wanna get me one of these…..


It’s a Baby MRAP, especially designed for Afghanistan.  I think it cuter than a bug.  Of course, my Honey informed me that he was quite sure that it wasn’t designed to be cute.  And just where was his sense of humor today???

Well, I promise I will return to the kitchen and start cooking and baking tomorrow.  Happy April Fools Day!!!!!



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