This Is the Begining of a Beautiful Friendship

No, I didn’t sit around and watch old movies all day.  However, as gray and snowy it has been, maybe I should have.  About Christmastime I bought a tangine (Moroccan clay baker) and told my Honey thank you for the Christmas present.  It has been sitting up on top of my pot rack unused until today.  I decided it was about time I used it.




3 chicken breast  I used bone in

1-2 Tbsp olive oil

1 chopped onion

3 cloves garlic chopped

2 cup chicken broth

2 Tbsp corn starch

2 Tbsp tomato sauce

3 Tbsp honey

1 inch fresh ginger grated

pinch saffron

4 tsp ras el hanout

salt and pepper to taste

2 14 oz cans diced tomatoes

1 can chick peas garbanzo beans

6 0z dried apricots


Saute garlic and onions in olive oil in frying pan.  Add chicken broth and corn starch and stir until not lumpy.  Add tomato sauce and honey and mix.  Add fresh ginger, herbs and spices.  Finally add canned tomatoes.  Transfer mixture to tangine.  Add chicken, chickpeas and apricots and mix well, making sure chicken and cots are covered.  Bake 2-3 hrs at 300 oven.


A tangine is traditionally cooked with over a charcoal fire.  And a crockpot could be used to cook this as well.  It is a sweet fruit dish that I really enjoyed.  Served with couscous.  I am going to try lamb next time.


The best I can tell is that Ras el Hanout is a spice blend of ground coriander, cinnamon, cayenne and salt and pepper.  I just got the blend from Zamouri Spices.

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.  Just might be a good evening for the bijillionth rerun of Casablanca.



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