Gardening Weekend


I didn’t cook one thing this weekend.  Leftovers.  Nor did I clean house.  Oh opps.  It was way too pretty here.  It was outside and starting to clean up the winter mess.  Decided that if I make the kids help clean up the mess, maybe they won’t be quite so….kidlike outside.  I know…if ya wanna have a nice yard, don’t have kids around or a dog.  We’ve got both.

I did get the east side of the house done.  From the crawl space…..


to the front step.


I got the roses pruned back so one could get to the front door.  The “sidewalk” weeded.   The wasp traps rebaited.  Yes, they are out and about already.  And new mulch.  I used the recycled rubber and so far so good.  Smells like a tire shop, but hopefully that will go away.  I put in new solar lights and took out the 12 volt ones completely.  All that is left is to put a flag on the bike and redo the pond.  It no longer holds water.  Once again thanks to dogs and kids.  All three hostas made it as did the ground cover and the hens and chicks.  With the extreme temps we get here, I wonder every Spring what will make it and what won’t.  Just a bit too early for flowers.  Not long, I hope.

Today, DeeJaye came over and got the 4 wheelers running.  Two new batteries, air in the tires and fresh gas and away they went.  She had never had to put the acid in before, but handled that just fine.  Gotta get the sprayer on the big one and plan on hooking the little green trailer up to the little one and using it as a super dump truck.  And yes, Honey, your oldest Gdaughter was out in the driveway learning to drive it.  And she didn’t do too bad.


I got some of my herbs repotted too.  Basil, purple basil and rosemary.  I had gotten the rosemary at Christmastime and it got really tired of living in the house.  I cut it back, so keep your fingers crossed.  Lots of basil.  I kept cutting it back and not using it right away, so into the water it went.  I forgot about it and next time I looked…it had roots.


WyoNella got me these cups.  The really huge one we saw last summer on our trip to Mississippi via Route 66.  We had spent the night at the Blue Swallow in Tucumcari, New Mexico and had breakfast at a cute little cafe.  The had one of these cups on either end of the counter.  Too cute!!  I have one more big one and another smaller one.  HHHMMMMM…what to plant?????

Gotta clean house and bake something tomorrow.  Hope ya’ll are having as wonderful of weather as we have been blessed with.



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