Strawberry Bed and NASCAR

Another busy Sunday.  Got my strawberries this week in the mail and knew that I had to get them planted.  So…here we go.  With the help of DeeJaye and kids we got it done and the other three raised beds laid out.


Girlie is getting the hang of the 4 wheeler even with the trailer on behind.  Lots of top soil hauled.


Lots of digger links drove and “Eeeeeeeeeewwe.  That looks like a hairball”


But the rings are built, and baby strawberries have had a good drink and covered under their straw blanket for the night.  It has been freezing or below the last few nights, so they are covered rather well.


Of course we did alot of sneaking in the house to catch a few laps at Talladega.  And even though my driver ended up finishing 23rd, he is still 4th in the standings.  We decided to have a race dinner.


Boil the brats in beer until almost done, grill on the BBQ till brown and almost split.  Add bun and whatever else you want and enjoy.



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