Short Track Saturday Nite

NASCAR in Richmond on a Saturday nite.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  Go Tony Go

Spent all afternoon making the beer.  I had forgotten how much time you spend standing at the stove stirring.  Oh well, hope it turns out okay so its ready for my Honey when he gets home.


After washing, sanitizing and assembling, heat the water and make a “tea bag” out of the grains and cheese cloth.  Steep the grains for about 30 min while water comes to a boil, but do not boil with the grains in the water.  Then add the malt.


Now that’s a sticky mess.  Bring to a boil slowly and then add bittering hops.


Boil at a low rolling boil for 30 minutes.  Beginning to smell like beer now.  During the last 5-10 minutes, add the aroma hops.


Really smells like beer now.  Aroma hops…duh!!    Put pan in sink of cold water to cool.img_1292

Add three gallons of cold water to fermenter then add beer.  Take a hydrometer reading. 


Add yeast to 1 cup of warm water.  When fermenter is cool to the touch add yeast. 


Put water in airlock and seal bucket.


And now comes the hard part.  It should start bubbling in a couple of days and then it has to ferment for the next week to ten days.  These are really short instructions.  We have always gotten our kits from WindRiver Brewing Company in Wisconsin.  They have quality kits and wonderful detailed instructions.

And the mushrooms are beginning to show life.  My Blue Oysters and Pioppino aren’t showing much life yet, but they are slower growing than the Shiitakes.  And look at them.



I put my bird feeders out about a week ago and the birds are beginning to find them.  The little ones are here anyway.  These are the brightest yellow.  the pics don’t do them justice because I had to take it through the screen so I wouldn’t scare them away.  They still aren’t used to us yet.  And so far there are 3 pair.  Goldfinches….I think.


Well, the race is half over and there is rain in the area.  Think I will grab a beer and go racin’.


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