Plants, Plants, Plants

Frost Warnings again last night, so of course I had to go out and buy more veggie plants.  Needless to say, the top of the washer and dryer is covered with greenery.  I’d better quit till things warm up just a tad.  Oh yeah….not suppose to freeze tonite. 

My trek started out after a conversation with my Honey about heirloom tomatoes.  I found one.  Brandywine.IMG_1347

The lady at the greenhouse said that this is the only one they get.  They had an old guy who used to bring them seeds to start for him and let them keep the plants he didn’t want, but she thinks that he has passed on.  I will keep my eyes open and hopefully find some more.  So got a couple of the old standbys.  Yellow pear and Roma tomatoes


Got some dill, oregano and Italian or flat leaved parsley.  Hiding behind them is a 6 pack of green bell peppers and a 4 pack of broccoli. 


And I did find a couple of Lilac bell peppers.  We had seen a thousand different colored peppers at the farmers market that BrazenBites took us to when we were in Portland, that I just couldn’t resist.


All of the above I got at the greenhouse…a pleasant change from WalMart….and I will see if they do any better.  I did go to CalRanch and pick up a couple of their tomato plants and some red/purple onion sets.  Getting a couple of CalRanch’s tomato plants has almost become a tradition.


And then last, but not least, I got two dwarf Pomegranates from Gurneys.  Got them potted and going to see if I can keep them alive.  Am waiting for two oranges, two meyer lemons and a banana.  We shall see.



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