Blossoms and a Childhood Treat

The blossoms on the fruit trees are pretty.  These are the first that we have and the other trees aren’t far behind.


The bees are busy buzzing, so spring must be here.  Just a light frost this morning, so am hoping that is the last of it.  For goodness sake…its been warmer in Alaska than here.

In using up some of my bananas, I made Banana Pudding.  Now how long has it been since you thought of that.  You know the one…..vanilla wafers, sliced bananas, instant pudding and whipped cream.  I only remember having it once or twice as a kid.  Maybe the vanilla wafers were too spendy???  And I only think I made it a time or two for my kids.  Well, will try to remember to make it more for the grandkids.


And the Pioppino mushrooms are starting to look like shrooms.


I am enjoying the prospect of spring being here to stay. 




Back to some more baking tomorrow I hope.  I think I’m having a chocolate attack.  Oh, damn the bad lock.


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