First Cookout 2009

What an absolutely beautiful day we had.  I promised the kids if the weather was good, we would have a cookout.  Damn, either the wood is  hard as hell or I can’t chop wood any more.  But got enough of it done to get the fire going on the first try.  Don’t expect that again.


Of course the menu consists of hot dogs.


And it takes such concentration.  But then we get s’mores.


And everyone has their own way to cook marshmallows.


Bubba’s favorite.


Of course I lost track of how many marshmallows were consumed.  But we had a great time.  I did get to the Farmers Market this morning and I was surprisingly impressed.  Got heirloom tomatoes.  More on them later, but here is a pic.  I think they are really pretty plants and very healthy looking.


Last ten laps of the All Star Race.  Grabbin a beer.  It’s fixin to get serious.  A million bucks……DUH.


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2 Responses to “First Cookout 2009”

  1. Donnella Says:

    Maters look awesome. Of course Booba and the rest look adorable (and growing like weeds) even rado has grown tons since you guys were here. Booba can’t be my nephew….I HATE those kind of mashmallows…YUCK!!!!!!

    • justgrams Says:

      Bubba gets the burnt marshmallow thing from his mother…..remember?? A planting we will go……

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