Bread Stick Flop and Beautiful Day

I tried a bread stick recipe from the King Arthur Flour site.  They smelled wonderful as they cooked, but just didn’t rise.  I am hoping that my yeast was old.  I bought some new today and will try in the AM and let you know.  I didn’t even take a pic….that’s how bad they were.


The apple trees are now in full bloom.  I have got to find out what and when to spray so I can keep the worms out.


And here are clearer (is there such a word??) pics of my little feathered friends.  I hope I can get them to stay around.



Aren’t they pretty.  One of these days I will introduce you to my big feathered friend or should I say brat.

Started soaking up the ditch today.  The Tribe never got here to burn it, so I will just fight the garbage and weeds in the bottom.  Of course MIL didn’t come right out and say it, but she made it known that I opened the valve too many turns.  It has been almost 5 hours and the water isn’t even to her house yet.  I think it is going to be one of those “never can do it right” things.


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One Response to “Bread Stick Flop and Beautiful Day”

  1. Shoy Says:

    such beautiful blossoms–and birdies
    love this time of year…
    check out this

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