My Newest Favorite Cookbook

Is the rain ever going to stop???  The storms move in…


Then they move out just long enough for the kids to burn all that white skin.

IMG_1497And then in less than a day….they move back in.

IMG_1499Good thing I got most of the mowing done yesterday because as I type I hear raindrops on the chimney cap.  I guess it’s good for the grass and this is the first time in a very long time that we have been nomal on the US Drought Monitor.  I am just not looking forward to the time when it does dry out and summer gets here…hey, thats tomorrow…and fire season starts.  Well, guess we will cross that bridge when we get there.  But anyway…favorite cookbook…

IMG_1506Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois have done a wonderful job of coming up with a method and recipes for busy people.  You make a no knead dough, throw it in the refridgerator over night and then take what you need, make a loaf, let it sit for a few while the oven heats up, in the oven and then out comes the crunchiest crusted and softest inside bread I have ever had or made.  (And I made alot in my “ranch cook” days.)

IMG_1502I started with the basic recipe as instructed…so unlike me.  But instead of just making one loaf….I wanted taste tests….so I used all the dough.

IMG_1501The instructions call for making the loaf and then placing it on a pizza peel to rise and then sliding it onto a baking stone.  Well, had the pizza peel but stone???  Did have a stone cookie sheet in the back of the cupboard from a long ago Pampered Chef party.  I ended up transferring the dough with my size large by huge spatula for two reasons.  The high sides on the cookie sheet didn’t make for a smooth transfer and the cookie sheet didn’t have enough room for all four of the loaves.  But do yourself a favor if you decide to get the book.  Pick up a baking stone if you don’t already have one.  Of course I may try baking a loaf without one and left you know how it works.

IMG_1504Well, we have a Flood Warning and a Flash Flood Watch issued by the Weather Service.  Most of it is for the Snake River north of us.  We will be fine here, unless an overactive gopher digs through and we have a ditch breech.  We have had 3.5 inches of rain since the 1st of June, so not unexpected.



One Response to “My Newest Favorite Cookbook”

  1. Shoy Nelson Says:

    I have heard only raves about this cookbook since it first came out…glad it lived up to the hype. I mentioned wanting a copy to BIL Alan and he offered one of JoJo’s many bread cookbooks. I was like, no thanks, this one is different, it’s not just a bread cookbook. So happy you like it.
    When I was with Rand least weekend I tried to get him to start a food blog but he said he hated to type since he was so slow at it. He hates to hunt and peck. Big baby. I told him the more he did it, the faster he would get but no,
    O well. I tried.

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