A Break for a Little Bit

The weather gave us a little break last night and we had time for a cookout.  The gkids have been bugging me for one and I have been interested in trying out the new “weenie burning sticks”.  You know how you see something and buy it because you think its a neat idea??  Usually they don’t work the way you think they ought to….believe it or not these did.

IMG_1514With the “hooks” facing backwards, they hung on to hot dogs, so none lost in the fire or dropped on the way to the “bun handler”    They even hang onto burnt marshmallows

It was really nice to sit around the fire last night.

IMG_1512I kinda made today easier.  We have had Severe Thunderstorm Watch/Warning and have them till later this evening.  We have had rain, hail and very loud and close thunder boomers.  I have rescued Molly from under the bed twice now.  She seems to be really little to get under there, but must grow while she is there.  Don’t know if this pic shows or not….but the hail and rain where bouncing off the road and driveway.


Today is suppose to be the last day of the rain for awhile.  Keep your fingers crossed.


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