The Party’s Over

Whew!!!  We had a party out here for our bike family.  And everyone said they had a great time.  It was very cold…wind chills in the 15 to 20 below range.  And we had a dusting of snow.

Had a decorating party on Friday nite and thank goodness it didn’t last very long.

The shop looked great.I never did get a count on how many people were here, but it was alot.  And there were plenty of kids from babies to teens.  And what would a Christmas party be with out a visit from Santa??

Some were very excited and some……not so much

Even gifts for the big kids…….And the beginning of the Harley fund for Pepe

After 9 o’clock al the little ones left and thing didn’t get to far out of hand.

And Pepe borrowed BIL’s hat and did a little dance for us.  And, hey, he has $6.29 in his Harley fund.

And we all had a good time.  Everybody got home safely and there may be more parties.  Who knows.

Well, now it’s time to get cracking on Christmas baking.  Seems strange not to have Goody boxes made and sent to the sand this year (one year I sent a made 30).  My Honey is back driving sugar beet truck tonite at 6…yuck, but that should give me plenty of time for baking.  Well, I had best get to it.



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