Chinese Turkey

Well, not really, but MIL brought chinese food home and it sure did taste good.  She stopped at Blackfoot at a place called Hong’s…I think that’s what she said.  She brought the mystery meal and the lunch special home.  Damned good for a change.  However, not near as good as in Humboldt County….. BrazenBites, you will have to help me with the name.  I can see the building and could drive to it, but the name is gone.  Old age strikes again.

As you can see, I got the tree decorated…poor ole naked thing.  And I have no theme or rhyme or reason to it.  It’s full of ornaments as old and odler than me…there’s that “o” word again.  Ones we have picked up on our trips.  Ones the kids and gkids have made and of course, candy canes.

It’s fun to watch the little ones and big ones pick out the ornaments they remember and the new ones.  Even my Honey was doing that last night.  Well, he hasn’t been here for a Christmas in 5 years.  In fact, alot of these ornaments haven’t been on the tree in 5 years.

No recipes today, but I will make up for it.  But there is a lebkucken update.  Don’t blog where you are going to hide cookies…especially if your Honey reads your blog.  You will be making another bunch.  Instead of rolling them out and cutting them, I baked them in a parchment line 1/4 sheet pan.  A 9X12 pan or larger would work too.  They are a little thicker, but just as yummy.



2 Responses to “Chinese Turkey”

  1. brazenbites Says:

    Gonsea in Eureka. It means “Congratulations” in Chinese.
    Shrimp Chow fun, Szchuan Beef and garlic string beans-YUM!
    Meet ya there…

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