Beer Bread

Look at my new ornaments!!!  Gdaughter #2 was so excited when she got home from school.  We had to hang them right on the tree.  Gdaughter #1 forgot hers…of course she remembered the candy from the party….doesn’t surprise me in the least.  Maybe thats what we ought to start doing.  Kids make an ornament for Grams and Gramps tree every year.  Hhhhmmmmmmm

Came to a horrible place last night just before suppertime.  My Honey goes back to work and I have no bread for his lunch.  He doesn’t eat the mamby pamby sliced white bread.  Hates it as a matter of fact.  I hadn’t made this in a long time.  I have no idea where the recipe came from…one of those written down on a scrap of paper and put in the cookbook to get yellow ones.


3 cups of self rising flour

1/2 cup sugar

12 oz of beer

Mix together and place in sprayed loaf pan.  Bake at 375 for 55-60 minutes or thumps done.

Now how easy is that????  I use whatever beer is leftover in the beer fridge in the garage.  This time I added a Tbsp or so of Italian seasoning….Penzeys of course.  I have added grated cheese…garlic…sliced olives.  You could add just about anything you want.  My Honey went off to work this morning happy as a clam with his beer bread/ left over traegered steak sammiches.


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