Butterscotch Brownies

I was having alot of fun thumbing through my Mom’s old cookbook before the holidays.  Well used and well worn.

And with such timely tips……not so much

It was time to make cookies around here, so I picked it out of the cupboard and presto….out popped the recipe for butterscotch brownies…some times called blonde brownies.  Here is the recipe….complete with measurement changes written in pencil by my Mom.

I followed her measurements…..after all…mother knows best. (wouldn’t have said that many years ago).  I made a 9X11 pan.  I noticed she didn’t have the nuts doubled…she wasn’t fond of nuts in her cookies either….so I added chocolate chips.

And even the taste of the batter brought back memories.  Hope my grandkids enjoy them.  I know my Honey will.  And they are ooey gooey rich and delicious warm just after you cut them.

And one more thought from the ole cookbook…….


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