There’s a Moose on the Loose

My neighbor texted me on Friday while I was in town that there was a moose in her yard.  Thinking she had had one too many frozen margaritas, I called my Honey, who hadn’t gone to work yet and asked him to go check.  And sure enough, there it was.

I guess everybody’s first thought was  “Where’s Mama?”  We have been hearing alot of rifle shots lately, closer than normal, so I bet Mama is hanging to cure at someones house.  Out here on the Rez, the Natives can hunt anytime…it’s just us white folks who can’t.

There are moose around, but until now, you couldn’t have proved it by me.  Even my Honey, who moved out here when he was 12, hasn’t seen one.  They are in the hills way east of us or down in the “bottoms”.  It’s an overgrown area where the Tribe runs cattle that borders the American Falls Reservoir.

I didn’t think much more about it, but when the gkids went out to do chores yesterday afternoon, they came smokin’ in the house.  “There’s a moose out there”.  I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. Gramps gave the kids the talk about watching for it when they go out to play or do chores and not to corner it because it would run over them.  6 year old Bubba looked up at him and said, “Ya mean like Grandma got run over by a reindeer?”.  Outta the mouths of babes.  ROTFLMAO!!!   Have a great Sunday.


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