Beer Here

Yesterday was a rainy, dark and dreary day.  My Honey and Rex were going to split wood, but that project just wasn’t in the cards.  Sooo……I cleared off my counters (which needed it) and turned the kitchen over to the men.

We buy brew kits from Wind River Brewing in Wisconsin.  The kits come with all the ingredients you need…except the water.  They also have all the basic equipment you need, along with ever accessory you think you may need.  And…knock on wood…..we haven’t had a batch go wrong.

So I now have not one, but two 5 gallon brewing buckets sitting on my counter.  The will get moved today to the back bathroom tub where they can merrily brew away for 2 weeks until they get moved to the carboys for another brew spell.  Beer sure does take awhile.  Glad I can buy it in the store.

I was sitting here in the dark this morning, enjoying the quiet and I kept hearing water…..not dripping, but definitely water.  My first thought was the cat…on the counter…sure death, but no…..the Gopher Pale Ale is busy burbling out its bubbler on top of the bucket.   Yeeeaaahhhhhhh.


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