A Little Early, but…..

Snowed again last night….not much, but at least it covered up the ugly.  It started as rain so it’s kinda crunchy now.  Even delayed school for 2 hours, so the whole day has been off schedule.

I know it’s early, but I promised myself I would make at least one thing a month toward Christmas.  Started out easy.


These are soooo easy.  You use 2 beveled holly leaves…the even have pre-drilled holes in them.  Line up the holes so you like the way the leaves fall.  Glue them together.  I use E6000….it works great on glass.  Glue 2 red glass globs (you know, those glass things at the bottom of your fish tank or  “faux” flower arrangement) as the berries.  Let dry and string cord through the hole.  It took me all of 20 minutes to make 6 of them.  Hardest part is getting the cord through the hole.

Now on to some gifts.  Vanilla Extract.  Hhmmmm….  I have read a few different recipes, but they all are basically alike.  Vanilla beans and Vodka.  So if you happen to give some to someone who doesn’t cook, they can always drink it.

I cut up 3 vanilla beans, put them in the bottles and filled them with cheap ass Vodka….after all, we aren’t sipping it here.  Seal them up and they sit for a month and the longer the better.  I will  show the finished product in a month.  And as a bonus, as your vanilla disappears, you can refill with more Vodka until the color doesn’t darken anymore.

I really thought the bottles where going to be tall and skinny and I would have just split the beans…would have looked prettier, but no they were short and fat…like me…LOL.  Got the beans and bottles from Beanilla on line.  They have all sorts of beans from all over the world and buying them in bulk you can save a bunch.  They are shrink wrapped when you get them and very very fresh.  They also carry vanilla paste and lots of other vanillaey things.

Wonder who’s getting Vanilla for Christmas???




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