The beers has been moved to the carboys for secondary fermentation.  It will be 2 to 4 weeks before bottling.

And yes, that’s the bathtub in my back bathroom.  My Honey moved them before I got a pic.  And believe me, those glass jugs are heavy!!!

This is the gopher pale ale.  It’s really cloudy now, but will clear up as time goes along.


It’s starting to get some color.  Still smells rather vodka-ey, but with an essence of vanilla.

Also had a wreck the other day while mixing pies.

Made me laugh…funny stuff.

Gotta clean out pantry…gotta…gotta…gotta.  Maybe I will find something fun…and useful.


One Response to “Updates”

  1. Donnella Says:

    I LOVE the gopher pale ale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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