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April 15, 2010

Sorry its been so long again.  We keep getting busier and busier as every day passes.  My Honey finally got two days off this week, but he is off to Boise for three days to check some “new” equipment.  Almost a month of 12 hour days was a bit much.  But we all shall survive.

Got chicks Tuesday afternoon.  Hooray.  They were suppose to be here mid May, but the feed store got some in earlier than they thought and I got the phone call.

I had originally ordered 25 black sex links.  They only got 20 in and another lady had ordered 5, so I let her take the 5 and we filled the rest of my order with golden sex links.  I’m not sure what a sex link is, but they are suppose to be good egg layers and tolerate the cold.  The temp here got down low last night and so did the temp in the chicken house.  The little fuzzie butts were all fine, huddled up under the heat lamp in the brooder.  Last night was suppose to be the chilliest night this week.  Fingers crossed.

When WyoNella and the boys came, they brought me 6 chicks from Wyoming.  Four of them have survived.  Had them in the house under a heat lamp.  They are about 3 weeks older than the new girls and we will have to separate them shortly.

These are Rhode Island Reds.  We shall see how they do.  Sure am looking forward to fresh eggs in the fall and chicken in the freezer.

Had a real flop with the coconut cake at Easter.  The whole side fell out.  LOL  Sure looked funny, but tasted good.  Oh well.

I found a great recipe for Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies I will share next time.  A great wasy to use up icky bananas other than banana bread.  Well, off to check the temp under the brooder.


Birdie Biscuits

January 13, 2010

I found a recipe in our local Sunday paper for making homemade birdseed biscuits.  I thought it might be a fun thing to do with the grandkids and it has been really cold out, so why not a little extra for our outside friends.


3/4 cup birdseed

1 tbsp flour

2 tbsp water

Mix together and pack into a sprayed cookie cutter that is sitting on a foil covered cookie sheet.  Insert half a straw into seed mixture to make hanging hole.  Bake at 170 for an hour until the biscuit is hard.  Let cool and then remove straw.  Thread ribbon through hole and hang outside in a sheltered spot.

This recipe makes 2 3-inch or 1 4-inch biscuit.  Ahahahaha.  Not a good idea around here.  I started out with 3 cups of seed and upped the flour and water accordingly.

This is the first batch that Bubba made.

This is a very messy project, but not too much so that we didn’t try it again when the girls got home from school.

But we were all MOST disappointed.  We ended up with 2 birdie biscuits.

And a cookie sheet that looked like this

I thought maybe the first bunch hadn’t been compacted very well, but on the second bunch we were extra careful to get the seed scrunched down.  Soooooo…….we are going to try adding a little lard and hope that helps stick things together.  I will let ya know.

Bread Stick Flop and Beautiful Day

May 20, 2009

I tried a bread stick recipe from the King Arthur Flour site.  They smelled wonderful as they cooked, but just didn’t rise.  I am hoping that my yeast was old.  I bought some new today and will try in the AM and let you know.  I didn’t even take a pic….that’s how bad they were.


The apple trees are now in full bloom.  I have got to find out what and when to spray so I can keep the worms out.


And here are clearer (is there such a word??) pics of my little feathered friends.  I hope I can get them to stay around.



Aren’t they pretty.  One of these days I will introduce you to my big feathered friend or should I say brat.

Started soaking up the ditch today.  The Tribe never got here to burn it, so I will just fight the garbage and weeds in the bottom.  Of course MIL didn’t come right out and say it, but she made it known that I opened the valve too many turns.  It has been almost 5 hours and the water isn’t even to her house yet.  I think it is going to be one of those “never can do it right” things.

Just back from Humboldt County

March 21, 2009

Had a wonderful time and went shopping lots.  Will be back on track in a few days.  Here’s a few goodies.


Got alot of local foods.  They have a wonderful restaurant supply/bulk foods store…..Cash and Carry in Bayshore.  Too many choices there.  I could have got into big trouble.img_1113

BrazenBites brought goodies from Portland.  Wonderful coffee and ginger Vodka…locally made.  Isn’t the bottle outstanding?????  Ginger cake and glaze ready to go.


And of course no trip would be complete with out…….


And of course we had our disasters too.  This was a lemon cake made in too much of a hurry.  Inspite of the horrible look,  it was enjoyed by one and all.


 Went and looked at a little bistro for sale that I fell in love with.  Guess I need the book….Running a Resturant for Dummies.  My dream.


 And of course many thanks to Randy and Beth for opening their home for us and spoiling us rotten while we where there.

Remanents of a Chocolate Cake

March 2, 2009

It’s Monday.

After seeing numerous postings of Devils Food White Out Cake in various blogs, I decided I had to make one.   So last night after a bowl of crab pasta..more on that later…I decided to tackle the cake part and leave it to cool overnight.

So seeing it is a layer cake…which I never have had good luck with….I followed the recipe to the letter.  So after greasing and flouring, measuring and sifting, melting and boiling, mixing with the stand mixer….lovingly called Layla…and finally finishing with a spatula, I had two 8 inch wonderfully chocolatey cakes in the oven.  After baking until the knife inserted into middle of cake came out clean, I had two cakes cooling on the racks.  After cooling in the pans, out they came….no sticking.  So there they were, setting on the racks on the counter awaiting attention in the morning.  Off to bed I go.

Alarm goes off and out I stumble to the kitchen, looking for the first cup of coffee.  I stepped on something very foreign, so flipped the light over the stove on….overhead light is just way too bright for mornings…and there on the floor lay an over turned cake rack.  My eyes move to the counter……


Not even enough left for a taste.  Now I’m not sure if it was the cat…Sugar has been know to be on the counter, but I never catch him until the big thump when he lands on the floor….Coors, I never have seen on the counter, but cats being cats…or the dog…all of the immediate family will remember a little incident with turkey and Molly an hour before the in-laws 50th anniversary party…or all three of them working together.

However, I have eggs, butter and buttermilk coming up to room temperature on the counter.  Wish me luck.