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Forgotten Favorite

March 12, 2011

Boy, what a last couple of days!!!  Thursday was my bday and although my Honey had to work…I was visited by BIL and his girl.  We also had a thunder-storm blow through.  We had a wind gust of 62 out at the airport…about 6 miles as the crow flies.  We had one big clap of thunder and that was enough for me…shut off computer and the TV and hope for the best.  We must have been on the northern edge.  It wasn’t nearly bad as expected.  My friend in Heyburn…east of here on the way to Twin Falls, said it had sounded like the end of the world.  The weather has been unseasonable…temps above 50 for the last few days.  I keep waiting for mother nature to give us a swift kick.

All my thoughts and prayers go out to those in Japan and all over the Pacific who have been affected by the earthquake and tsumani.  Wow…I can’t even imagine.  I grew up in California and never went thru anything like that.  Our friends in Humboldt County are fine.  Damage both North and South of them, but nothing in Humboldt Bay.  Our friends in Guam must be OK.  Everybody there was evacuated to high ground….high ground on Guam????  There were a couple of subs that slipped their moorings, but they have since been retrieved.

Well on to forgotten favorites.  MIL had made some Key Lime Bars, which tasted pretty good and that jogged my memory and I dug out a recipe for Lemon Bars.  Everybody had a recipe stuck away for this one, but here is mine…….


1/3 cup soft butter

1 cup sugar

1 cup flour

2 eggs

1 good sized lemon…juice and peal zested

1/4 tsp baking powder

Beat butter until light and fluffy.  Add 1/4 cup of sugar and combine.  Beat in flour until you get a crumbly mixture.  Press mixture into a sprayed 8X8 pan and bake at 350 for 10 minutes.  Combine eggs, remaining sugar, lemon zest and juice, and baking powder and beat until throughly combined.  Pour over hot crust and bake for another 20 minutes or until set in the middle.  Dust with powdered sugar and YUM.

Bet you forgot about these numbly little morsels too…….

Ititarod 39

Martin Buser is back into 9th place after a low of 14th. He has been fighting the open mouth, jello-necked, head bob most of the night.   Most of the mushers are in Eagle Island halfway up the Yukon River.  On to Nome Mushers……

This pic was shot by Bob Hallinen for the Anchorage Daily News.  Thanks.  It was taken in Takotna while the mushers were in and out.  Thought I would include it because it is a beautiful shot.  Ahhhhhh…the Northern Lights


Welcome March

March 9, 2011

OK… March is almost half over.  But I am soooooo very glad that February is over!!!  Between internet meltdowns, computer meltdowns…then having to learn a new one with a new operating system…remembering passwords and trying to remember favorite sites, family meltdowns, sickness or just generally not feeling good, and the gray skys leading to the infamous “winter funk”.  One good did thing happen in February….WyoNella came for a visit.  We did have a good time.  We had plans of going to Twin Falls to a Stained Glass/Ceramic Shop, but the weather stopped us.  So we stayed home and colored her hair.  I left her eyebrows and trim to someone alot more talented in that field than I am.  I didn’t even make anything ahead for Christmas.  But I am so thankful that the whole damn month is done!!!!!

So whats been so much better about March??  Lets see….

These came in the mail.  Ought to be fun to try to make these.  They came from the Extension Office in Fairbanks.

Pocatello Old Town had their first annual Beerfest this Saturday.  My Honey and I had a great time.  A dozen or so microbreweries brought their wares for all to sample at some of the pubs in town.  It was a walking tour, but one needed a DD to get home.  One of the brews was 7.8…WOW.  We have a little brewery here in town…Portnef Valley Brewery.  I must admit that I enjoyed their brew the most.

On Sunday we finally bottled our own beer.  A batch of Gopher Pale Ale…which is WyoNella’s favorite and a batch of Dunkelweisen.  Both of them were both yummy.  It will be about 2 more weeks now before the carbonation does it’s thing and they are ready to drink.  Can’t wait….but will have to.

DeeJaye finally got my hair done.  I am back to being a redhead and I feel so much better.  She also got my brows done and I can now hold my eyes open, now that I don’t have double eyebrows to hold up.

We did have 3.6 inches of snow the other night.  Made for some nasty driving for a few hours, but the sun came out and things melted off the next day.

Plans for the garden are now under way.  Ordered my heirloom tomato plants from a local grower.  I ordered Amish Paste and San Marzano..both romas, Matt’s Wild Cherry, a tiny cherry that is sweeter than candy, Omars Lebanese and Siberian Russian…early varieties and new to our garden, and Wonder Light…a yellow variety.  Cutting down on the garden this year…or so we say.  Onion sets on sale, so will pick some up tomorrow.

This came in the mail today.  I saw it in Mother Earth News.  Wyonella gave me her bread machine…alas…no directions.  I will muddle through with the help of my new cookbook.  Like I need another one.  If al else fails, I will use the recipes by changing them to old fashion kneaded bread.  Whatever works.

And the Iditarod started. 

Thanks to the Anchorage Daily News for the pics.  Most of the mushers and teams are in Takotna just about ready to leave from their 24 hour layover. 

Good luck Martin Buser!!!!!!  Speed and safety be with you and your dogs.

Home again…Home again

February 26, 2009

Well,  I’m back and my Honey is on his way to Amsterdam.  It’s weird because he is usually back in country before I set foot back in the States.  We sure had a great time.  I’m sure hoping that we have ground work done for a move. 



Just before the turn to the Portage Glacier and Whittier is the Wildlife Sanctuary.  You drive through and see all the animals.  They are the animals that can’t be returned to the wild…you know the story.  img_1000

Musk ox and reindeer


And many many more.  Well, back to normal tomorrow….I hope.  If my don’t two partners in crime don’t get busy……………………

Back in Wasilla

February 23, 2009

We have had a wonderful time and have yet to find one plae that we couldn’t live…..that is, but Anchorage.  It’s just too big and not enough room, but a tolerable city….city being the key word.  I have absolutely loved the Kenai Penninsula.  From Homer to Hope…I could live anywhere.img_0967This is a look from our deck the first morning in Seward.  When we left the ice had retreated to the 5th slip.  Amazing what the wind can do.


The SeaLife Center is a must.  Its a cross between an aquarium and rescue center and a research center.  We bought a Puffin painting.  They dip the birds feet in water based paint and the walk around on the paper.  Suppose to be fun for the birds.  While in Seward we also ate at the Appolo Reaturant….Greek/Italian.  Not a plac that we normaly would have eaten, but an old man in the Walmart parking lot in Anchorage, after looking over our rental Suburan, suggested we try.  It was wonderful.  My Honey had grilled Halibut and I had Halibut stuffed with crab and such goodies wrapped in phillo dough.  We also had a wonderful chocolate dessert.   If you can afford it, ya gotta stop there.


More later.  Is this beautiful or what?????

Homer AK

February 18, 2009

Were only going to spend one night here, but loved it soooo much, spending another one.


This eagle joined us on our drive out to Lands End Resort on Homer Spit



This is the view from the deck off the back of our room.  Not bad huh???


They feed the eagles every morning


That tiny finger of land is the Homer Spit taken from up above Homer.

And…BTW…Wyonella….you never did pay off our gambling debt…..


Alaska Day 2

February 16, 2009

It is wonderful here.  We are lovin it so far.  Because its winter and yesterday was Sunday and today is a holiday, not much as far as museums and such are open here in Anchorage, but we are seeing and doing what we can.  Took the short drive to Wasilla and Palmer this afternoon.  What a beautiful drive.  We are headed to the Kenai Peninsula tomorrow for a couple of days and then coming back to the Mat-su Valley and do some serious fact finding-job seeking-house hunting.


We had pretty well talked ourselves out of relocating because of the economy, but after talking to some people, we are fired up again.  By the way,  how is that for a view on your daily commute???

By the way, Wyonella, I have been shopping for cookie cutters.  I got us each a set for the two below and each a set of Alaska Mushers Set which include dog, sled, small bear, moose head, leaning tree and map of the state.  Tried to get a pic, but flash shined off the package too bright.


The food had been great.  Yesterday we had clam chowder and a halibut sandwich at a great little deli in downtown Anchorage.  Then at a street vender today, we got a reindeer sausage.  YUMMMMMMMY.  More tomorrow I’m sure.